Stichting Stokroos


Maaike Iza Jaspers

Stokroos Stipendium - Residency am Flutgraben e.V., Berlin
September 2014 – January 2015
Maaike Iza Jaspers

‘Steinsuppe/Stone Soup', 2015
A space for conversations (wood, cotton), soup
During the residency in Berlin I came to question the environment I need to develop my work.
What is the relation between art and social engagement? And what is the roll of 'collaborate work' in this? In which situation does art actually take place?
How can the relation between the shared space, and solo retreat be translated into a spacial situation? Which frameworks in time and space create a possibility to make contact to others, to connect to the all day life?
I built a space. People were invited to individually visit the space, eat a soup that I cooked, and have a conversation with me.
The conversations where based around questions like: What does it mean to work on your own? What does it mean to work together? We also discussed the 'conversation space' itself, in which we were at that moment, but also the influence of a space in general: the physical and mental relation to different 'spaces' or 'frameworks'. How do we search/find freedom of movement in the areas where we live and work? Where are the areas in which we share this movement with others?
The project was about making new connections to other people (mostly people who also worked in the building), with focus on ‘the conversation as an action'.
Twenty one-to-one conversations took place.
The project ended with a gathering in the space, where a stone soup (according to the old story) was cooked.