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Flip Chair at The Aram Gallery, London Jair Stras

Flip Chair at The Aram Gallery, London

Jair Straschnow: “Flip Chair was part of a project I did back in 2009 titled Grassworks. The project  was a response to the rapid and continuous global urbanization, and our ever-shrinking and increasingly costly home environment as its outcome. Bamboo was my choice of material for that project, but my intention was to consider 'space' as a resource as well - try and minimize the use of one(Bamboo, the raw material) to create pieces that will help maximize the use of the other(Space). The outcome of the Grassworks project (Bamboo is a grass, hence the name) was presented at The Aram Gallery in London during the 2009 London Design Week, and won the '2010 Designs of the year' furniture award at The London Design Museum shortly after. Since then, the Flip Chair went through many stages of development and now, when it's ready for production by Amsterdam's Fiction Factory, the story of the chair's evolution will be presented at the same gallery.”

Short Video: Just One Good Flip Chair
one of the goal of the project was to create a short video telling the story of the 9 year developing of the chair. The video was presented during the exhibition and is available online

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