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Stokroos Foundation supports artists, designers and cultural initiatives with a donation program and a talent development program. As a professional artist or designer living in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, you can submit an application to us. We also handle requests from Dutch professional organizations active in the field of visual arts and / or design for projects with makers who match the profile.

Donation program: financial contributions
Within the donation program we offer financial support to projects in which artists and designers create new work. We are happy to contribute to the production costs for creating a new work or product, an exhibition of (own) work or an artist's book. Applications in which quality, concept and craftsmanship are central have traditionally been our interest.

The substantive criteria which are relevant to an application are: professionalism, (completed) professional education, artistic quality of the work so far, (innovative) quality of the artistic concept for the plan, public reach. We also look at the validity of the financial basis for the plan and the cultural entrepreneurship shown. We choose projects that enable an important or new artistic-content development for the maker, or allow him / her to exhibit on a platform that is expected to give a substantial boost to its visibility and career.

The contributions are provided in the form of guarantee subsidies. We only handle projects for which the total costs exceed € 50,000 once a year during a special open call. The maximum contribution to the production of artworks, products, exhibitions or other types of projects is € 2,500. We contribute a maximum of € 2,000 to the production of artist books. An artist's book is executed in a conceptual sense and as an independent work of art. It is often handmade and has a limited edition. Co-financing is mandatory at all times. If you have a request for financial support with the aim of an exhibition, we ask you to add a letter of intent from the exhibition space, museum or gallery to your application.

Talent development program: financial contributions and cooperation
Within the talent development program we contribute to the professional development of visual artists and designers. We do this by awarding stipendia in collaboration with museum partners to makers who are selected by a specially composed jury. A stipend cannot be requested, with the exception of the Paul Deiters Stipend for which an open call is made every year. We also collaborate with parties that develop special and relevant offers in the field of professionalization of the practice of makers.

Stokroos Foundation has been a matchfunding partner of crowdfunding platform voordekunst since January 13, 2022. Makers who start a crowdfunding campaign on Voordekunst! can receive a donation from the foundation. As a match funding partner, Stokroos Foundation will contribute to creative crowdfunding campaigns for special publications in the disciplines of visual art and design.

Stokroos Foundation supports the artistic and professional development of visual artists and designers. We would like to contribute to projects that give a meaningful impulse to the development of makers''
Joost Vrieler, director of the Stokroos Foundation.

You can read more about the collaboration and the conditions here.

Applications that we don’t consider:

  • Already started or completed projects
  • Projects during training, also when you follow a master’s degree
  • Applications for artist in residence
  • Projects such as dance, theatre, literature, music and film
  • Travel and accomodation
  • Monographs, books and catalog raisonné, except the artist’s book as mentioned before.

If you doubt whether your plan matches our aims, please contact us to be able to match expectations.

How to apply
Only applications submitted online will be processed. The requested documentation to include in the application form must be PDF documents, each no larger than 2Mb. When you apply for an exhibition, we would also like to receive a confirmation letter from the institution where the exhibition or presentation takes place.

In principle you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt of your request by e-mail.  You cannot save the form in the meantime.

The processing time of your application is generally around six weeks after the deadline has expired. Correspondence about the outcome of the procedure is in writing; objection to the decision taken is not possible.

The meeting dates on which the board makes decisions about the submitted applications for 2022 are:
25 February, application deadline 17 January
20 May, application deadline  4 April
7 October, application deadline 22 August
9 December, application deadline 24 October

Information about our Privacy Statement can you find here, in Dutch.

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