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Application form coaching

You can contact Foundation Stokroos to request a coaching-track. You can introduce your own coach or
you can place a request with Foundation Stokroos. They go over your application and if granted they go over the possibilities of the coach that you introduced.

In submitting an application for coaching you should take the following factors into consideration:
  1. Your application must fit in with the aims of our fund. If you have any doubts, please contact Gonnie Hengelmolen +31 6 4100 4305. 
  2. You may only submit one application per year. 
  3. You should note that it may take up to 4 months to process an application. 
  4. You should complete the application form in full, i.e. without referring to other correspondence. 
  5. Dutch bankaccount needed.
  6. Only individuals are eligible to apply for a subsidy. 
  7. When support is granted the applicant is obliged to mention the name of the Foundation. Download the Foundation’s logo here.
  8. The applicant shall submit the final report. Invoice and the coach later than 3 months after the coaching
For attachments or additional work in support of your application you can send them by mail to:
Stokroos Foundation
Maliesingel 28-1
3581 BH Utrecht
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