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About Us

About Stichting Stokroos
Stichting Stokroos was founded on 30 June 1992 by Mr. P.A.H.M. Deiters (1952-2017). His love for people, nature and art inspired him to contribute to a better world. His initiative to support visual artists and designers through the foundation in their development and with their projects is exemplary. Involvement, modesty and vision characterized him.
In the beginning of 2005 Stichting Stokroos started with the execution of its goal: the (financial) support and sponsorship of art and cultural expressions, especially visual art and design.


Stichting Stokroos strives for a society in which visual artists and designers play a prominent role.

We want to facilitate the development of this target group and be a springboard for promising talent. Our interest goes to projects in which tradition and innovation enter into a surprising combination. In addition, we want to support and initiate partnerships between makers, cultural institutions or representatives from other sectors.

The foundation supports and stimulates both artistic and business development of these makers. We do this, among other things, by awarding grants and stipends and making development processes possible. In addition, we act as an accessible platform where plenty of knowledge exchange can take place.

Board of Trustees
Rob Gallas – Chairman
Jan Deiters – Secretary
Stef Bogaars – Treasurer
Annelie Musters
Eefke van Nuenen
Chequita Nahar
Hans Robertus

Joost Vrieler (Managing Director)
Gonnie Hengelmolen (Officemanager)